Water Cooler World

Northern Ireland

Our aim at Water Cooler World is to provide a reliable first class service to you in the simplest and most cost effective way. We provide our customers with quality products and unrivalled levels of service excellence.

Our water comes from natural springs and is carefully selected by experts and stringently tested before being extracted by environmentally friendly methods.

We will tailor our service to suit any location, from industry, offices, schools gyms or even in your own home.

Choose from a wide range of bottled, plumbed-in and fountain water coolers. Contact Us for a no obligation Free Trial.

Plumbed in Coolers

Plumbed in water coolers are a green alternative to bottled water and provide a constant supply of fresh filtered water. Our plumbed in coolers are complete with the latest filtration systems to remove chemicals and odours. Stylish yet robust the ACIS 510 Series models are ideally suited for use in most locations including offices, reception areas, refreshment areas, workshops, warehouses and on the factory floor.

Bottled Hot & Cold Systems

Bottled water coolers allow you the flexibility of being able to site them in almost any location and to choose from a variety of different water types. Stylish yet robust the ACIS 700 Series models are ideally suited for use in most locations including offices, dentists and doctors reception areas, refreshment areas, workshops, warehouses and on the factory floor.

Tea/Coffee Machines

The Mini Magnum coffee machine comes with all the features of a large machine but, at a fraction of the size. It comes with nine drinks selections - cappuccino, latte, expresso, coffee white, coffee black, chocolate, choco milk, mocha and hot water. Simply & user friendly with a single button drinks selection. The Mini Magnum is available in a plumbed or bottled version.

Make every drop count!

Water Cooler World and Children in Crossfire work in partnership to help vulnerable children in Tanzania and Ethiopia who suffer from the injustice of poverty. Today the Company’s Manager, Sinead Maguire, will present Children in Crossfire with a donation of £5,000 for the first year of the partnership. Water Cooler World have committed to giving 10% of their profits to Children in Crossfire. Dominic Fitzpatrick, Managing Director of Water Cooler World said “I have visited Children in Crossfire’s projects and witnessed at first-hand the incredible work being carried out by the organisation. Our Company is privileged to be in a position to support them and the vital work they are doing”. Founder and Director of Children in Crossfire Richard Moore said, “This unique partnership between Children in Crossfire and Water Cooler World will significantly change the lives of many thousands of children in the countries were we operate. It is a wonderful example of how the charity sector and the business world can work hand in hand to bring about real change. I also think it says a lot about the Company and their staff. Through this partnership they have shown a real concern for others”. Water Cooler World promises excellent customer service and has a fantastic range of stylish coolers at unbeatable prices. For a quotation or to avail of a free 14-day trial, call 028 90 313 818.



Water Cooler World Northern Ireland proudly supporting Children in Crossfire...

“Children in Crossfire is an International charity based in Northern Ireland with projects in Tanzania and Ethiopia supporting some of the world’s most vulnerable children that suffer from the injustice of poverty. Children in Crossfire envisages the creation of a safe environment by improving living conditions and providing essential services to support their well being and education so that every child can develop to the fullest and reach their potential. Richard Moore founder and director of Children in Crossfire expresses his gratitude to Water Cooler World Northern Ireland and their customers for the continued support of this astounding charity”.